elbe-control - Low level interface to elbe Soap Daemon running in initvm


elbe control [options] list_projects
elbe control [options] create_project
elbe control [options] build_sysroot <build-dir>
elbe control [options] build_cdroms <build-dir>
elbe control [options] set_pdebuild <project-dir> <pdebuild file>
elbe control [options] get_files <build-dir>
elbe control [options] build_chroot_tarball <build-dir>
elbe control [options] build_sdk <build-dir>
elbe control [options] set_orig <build-dir>
elbe control [options] set_cdrom <build-dir> <iso-img>
elbe control [options] reset_project <build-dir>
elbe control [options] list_users
elbe control [options] wait_busy <build-dir>
elbe control [options] set_xml <build-dir> <xmlfile>
elbe control [options] del_project <build-dir>
elbe control [options] build_pbuilder <build-dir>
elbe control [options] build <build-dir>
elbe control [options] rm_log <build-dir>
elbe control [options] get_file <build-dir> <filename>
elbe control [options] dump_file <build-dir> <filename>
elbe control [options] shutdown_initvm
elbe control [options] install_elbe_version <version>


Low Level interface to control an elbe daemon running inside an initvm. It allows one to submit xml files etc.

For the high level interface, see elbe initvm

Please take notice, that a single user can only have a single project opened inside the soap server. So it is not possible to have a single user build 2 projects at once.

You can only wait on the project, that you are currently building.


--host <hostname>
 ip or hostname of the elbe-deamon (defaults to localhost, which is the default, where an initvm would be listening).
--port <N> Port of the soap interface on the elbe-daemon.
--user <username>
 Username to use for login (defaults to root).
--pass <password>
 Password for login (defaults to foo).
--retries <N> How many times to retry the connection to the server before giving up (default is 10 times, yielding 10 seconds).
--build-bin Build binary repository CDROM, for exact reproduction.
 Build source CDROM.
--output <directory>
 Output downloaded files to <directory>.
 Only list/download pbuilder files.
--profile Specify pbuilder profile(s) to build. Provide multiple profiles as a comma separated list.


List projects available on the elbe daemon.

Create a new project on soap server. a new build-dir is created.

The name of the created <build-dir> is printed to stdout, for further reference in subsequent commands.

build_sysroot <build-dir>
Build a sysroot for the specified project.

The sysroot can be used with a toolchain for cross-compiles.

build_cdroms <build-dir>
Build ISO images containing the Debian binary or source packages used by the given build-dir. Either –build-bin or –build-sources or both needs to be specified.

set_pdebuild <build-dir> <pdebuild file>

Build a Debian Project using a pbuilder.

The pdebuild file needs to be a .tar.gz archive of a project containing a ./debian folder with a valid debianization.

  • The generated debian packages are stored inside the initvm.
  • Use get_files to retrieve them.
get_files <build-dir>

Get list of files in the <build-dir>.

If the –output option is specified, the files are downloaded to the directory specified in the option. If the –matches option is specified only files matching the wildcard expression are shown/downloaded. Note that you have to put the wildcard expression in quotation marks.

build_chroot_tarball <build-dir>
Creates a tarball of the chroot environment in <build_dir>.
build_sdk <build-dir>
Creates a yocto-style SDK.
set_orig <build-dir> <orig-file>

Uploads a quilt orig-file to the initvm.

This command shall be run before building a Debian package with elbe pbuilder build if the package is given in the quilt source format.

set_cdrom <build-dir> <iso-img>
Set the cdrom iso image. The <iso-img> is uploaded into the intivm. And the source.xml in the <build-dir> is modified, that it builds from the cdrom mirror now.
reset_project <build-dir>

Reset project database status for <build-dir>.

When the database becomes inconsistent, this allows us to access an otherwise blocked project again.

Use with care.

List configured users. Only admins may use this command.
add_user <name> <fullname> <password> <email>
Create a user inside the initvm. The user is not an Admin user. When the user already exists, nothing is done. Only admins may use this command.
wait_busy <build-dir>
Wait, while <build-dir> is busy.
set_xml <build-dir> <xmlfile>
Upload a new xml File into the given <build-dir>. This is most likely going to change the status of the project to needs_rebuild.
del_project <build-dir>
Delete project in <build-dir>
build_pbuilder <build-dir>
Build a pbuilder environment for the given project <build-dir>.
build <build-dir>
Trigger building the project. Status will change to busy.
rm_log <build-dir>
Deletes log file for the given project <build-dir>
get_file <build-dir> <filename>
Download a single file from the project.
dump_file <build-dir> <filename>
Dump a single File from the project to stdout.
Make the initvm shutdown.
install_elbe_version [version]
Make the initvm install a specific elbe version. Defaults to the version of the elbe executable. This requires, that the initvm has package sources configured properly.


  • List current Projects

    $ elbe control list_projects
    /var/cache/elbe/982d64de-e69f-48c7-8942-66d8d480f3dc    rescue image    1.0     build_done      2015-06-08 15:29:29.613620
    /var/cache/elbe/dd37a03e-31bd-45db-afd4-fc51d51fa90a    rescue image    1.0     build_done      2015-06-09 08:53:26.658500
    /var/cache/elbe/8d62928f-4e75-47cf-aec9-d2365ca59003    rescue image    1.0     build_done      2015-06-09 09:14:15.371456
  • Create a new Project, trigger build, and wait till it finishes.

    $ elbe control create_project examples/rescue.xml
    $ elbe control build /var/cache/elbe/f310dcbc-f5fc-423e-99e4-fb72d7b9dd5f
    $ elbe control wait_busy /var/cache/elbe/f310dcbc-f5fc-423e-99e4-fb72d7b9dd5f
    project still busy, waiting
    project still busy, waiting
    project still busy, waiting
    $ elbe control get_files /var/cache/elbe/f310dcbc-f5fc-423e-99e4-fb72d7b9dd5f
    source.xml      (Current source.xml of the project)
    rescue.cpio     (Image)
    validation.txt  (Package list validation result)
    elbe-report.txt         (Report)
    log.txt         (Log file)


elbe-initvm1 git-daemon1


Part of the elbe1 suite