elbe-prjrepo - Provides access to the Debian repositories in each project folder.


elbe prjrepo download <project_dir>
elbe prjrepo upload_pkg <project_dir> [<debfile> | <dscfile> | <changesfile>]
elbe prjrepo list_packages <project_dir>


Whenever ELBE pbuilder builds a Debian package, it is added to a local Debian repository which is located in the project folder inside the initvm. Packages in this repository can then be installed into a root file system. The elbe-prjrepo command allows the user to interact with this repository, i.e. list, upload and download packages.


--user <username>
 Username to use for login (defaults to root).
--pass <password>
 Password for login (defaults to foo).
--retries <N> How many times to retry the connection to the server before giving up (default is 10 times, yielding 10 seconds).


download <project_dir>
Downloads the Debian repository of the project located in <project_dir> to the host machine.
upload_pkg <project_dir> [<debfile> | <dscfile> | <changesfile>]
Loads a Debian package into the Debian repository of an existing Elbe project in the initvm. Both binary and source packages are supported. In order to upload a source package you need to specify the dsc-file in the command as shown above. The actual source files which are required for the source package need to be located in the same directory as the dsc-file. The same is true for a changes file. The actual files defined in the changes file need to reside in the same directory.
list_packages <project_dir>
Lists all packages available in the Debian repository of the project.


  • List the packages available in the project 38599ce2-4cad-4578-bfe1-06fa793b883a:

    $ elbe prjrepo list_packages "/var/cache/elbe/38599ce2-4cad-4578-bfe1-06fa793b883a"


Part of the elbe1 suite