elbe-init - create a project for an Elbe build virtual machine


elbe init \
        [ --build-source ] \
        [ --buildtype <buildtype> ] \
        [ --debug ] \
        [ --directory <directory> ] \
        [ --skip-cds ] \
        [ --skip-validation ] \


This command generates a project directory for an Elbe build virtual machine.

When make is executed in that directory, a VM is started, which installs Debian and the Elbe build environment. If the XML file contains a target section, then the target root filesystem will be built inside the virtual machine using elbe-buildchroot1.

The build VM can be started by executing make run (or make run-con, if a serial console is enough). After that, the virtual machine can be used to work inside the generated root filesystem. To do so, please use the elbe-chroot1 command inside the VM.


--build-source Build a Debian source CD-ROM image, containing the source packages used by the project.
--buildtype <buildtype>
 Override the build type specified in the XML file.
--debug Enables a few features that allow for better debugging of the build process.
--directory <dir>
 The location of the project directory. If this option isn’t given, a directory build is created in the current working directory. The directory must not exist.
--skip-cds Skip the generation of Debian binary cdroms. This makes the build faster. Otherwise all used binary packages are stored on an ISO cdrom image.
 Skip the validation of the XML file. (Not recommended)
The XML describing the Elbe project.


  • Generate a build VM directory for the project specified in project.xml and build the target root filesystem.

    $ elbe init --directory=/scratch/example project.xml
    $ cd /scratch/example
    $ make


Part of the elbe1 suite