elbe-chg_archive - Insert a new config archive (.tbz) into a XML file.


elbe chg_archive [options] <xmlfile> [<archive.tar.bz2> | <directory>]


This command exchanges the archive file inside the xml file with the one specified.

The archive tbz is used to insert configuration files into the root-filesystem.


 This is only parsed, if the specified input is a <directory>. If specified the local owners and groups will be stored inside the archive. If not all files and directories will belong to user root and group root.
The xmlfile to be modified.
The archive which must be a tar.bz2. The archive is uuencoded and swapped with the archive in the xml file. If no archive exists, the archive xmlnode will be created.
A local directory that will be used as archive. The content of the directory will be archived in a tar.bz2 format and then stored uuencoded in the <archive> tag of the specified <xmlfile>.


  • Insert myarch.tar.bz2 into mybsp.xml

    $ elbe chg_archive mybsp.xml myarch.tar.bz2
  • Insert my-rfs-overlay into mybsp.xml

    $ mkdir -p my-rfs-overlay/etc
    $ echo 'my-very-special-config' > my-rfs-overlay/etc/my.cfg
    $ elbe chg_archive mybsp.xml my-rfs-overlay


Part of the elbe1 suite