elbe-gen_update - Generate an update archive to be used by elbe-updated.


elbe gen_update --target <targetdir> --output <outputfile> \
        [ --buildtype <type> ] \
        [ --debug ] \
        [ --name <name> ] \
        [ --skip-validation ] \


elbe gen_update creates an update archive by comparing the packages installed in the given target project against the packages listed in the given base XML file. The resulting update archive will contain all new and all updated packages and can be used to update the target system with elbe-updated1.

This command has to be run as root inside the Elbe build VM.


--target <targetdir>
 The project directory to generate the update for.
--output <outputfile>
 Name of the update archive to generate.
--buildtype <type>
 Override the build type specified in the XML file.
--debug Enable a few debug features.
--name <name> Override the name of the project.
 Skip validation of the passed XML file and of the source.xml file in the target directory (Not recommended).
The source.xml file of the base version of the project.


  • Create an update package for myproject including all packages installed or updated via apt-get since the project has been built with v0.1.xml. Write the update archive to v0.1-v0.2.upd.

    # elbe gen_update --target /root/myproject \
        --output /root/v0.1-v0.2.upd \


Part of the elbe1 suite