elbe-setsel - Replace the package list of an Elbe XML file by a list obtained from dpkg-getselections.


elbe setsel <xmlfile> <pkglist>


elbe setsel replaces the package list of an Elbe XML file by a package list obtained from dpkg –get-selections. Together with the setsel mode of Elbe, this offers a more fine-grained control on which packages are installed (even apt and aptitude can be excluded from the root filesystem). The recommended usage is as follows:

  1. Generate an image using the default mode of Elbe.
  2. Run the image and use apt-get to purge unwanted packages.
  3. Maybe even use dpkg to remove apt and aptitude.
  4. Generate the list of selected packages using dpkg –get-selections > selections.list
  5. Transfer this file to the host system.
  6. Use elbe setsel <xmlfile> selections.list to import the package list into the XML file.
  7. Rebuild using the setsel mode of Elbe.


The XML file to modify.
The package list from dpkg –get-selections.


  • Replace the package list of myproject.xml with the packages listed by dpkg –get-selections > myproject.pkgs.

    $ elbe setsel myproject.xml myproject.pkgs


Part of the elbe1 suite