elbe-check_updates - Check whether package updates are available for an Elbe project.


elbe check_updates \
        [ --script <script> ] \
        [ --skip-validation ] \


elbe check_updates checks if package updates are available for a given Elbe project. The command will also detect package names that are specified in the package list of the project but missing in the package repositories.

Optionally the command can run a script if some packages are missing or have updates available. If at least one package is missing, the script will be invoked with the following command line:

<script> ERRORS <source-xmlfile>

Otherwise, if at least one package can be updated, the script will be started like this:

<script> UPDATE <source-xmlfile>

If none of the above is true, the script will not be started.


--script <script>
 File name of a script to run, if an update is required or packages are missing.
 Skip the validation of the XML file. (Not recommended)
Path to the source.xml file of the project.


  • Check the project in /scratch/example for available updates and missing packages. Run the script /scratch/fixpackages.sh, if necessary.

    $ elbe check_updates --script /scratch/fixpackages.sh \


Part of the elbe1 suite