elbe-repodir - preprocesses and hosts repodirs on an Elbe client


'elbe repodir [options] <xmlfile>


elbe repodir preprocesses an XML file to convert <repodir> tags to valid <url> tags. It runs a web server on a random TCP port with the root set to a repodir’s PATH, which can be a relative path to the XML file or an absolute filesystem path.

The repository is not considered to be signed unless the repodir contains a signed-by attribute, which will then copy the given ascii-armored OpenPGP keyring file as <raw-key> to the <url> node. The key file must be a relative path to repodir’s PATH.

After the output file is written, the started webserver(s) will log their accessed files.


--output <filename>
 preprocessed output file, defaults to repodir.xml. If this exists it will be overridden.


The source …

<repodir>PATH1 bullseye main contrib</repodir>
<repodir signed-by="relative-path.asc">PATH2 buster main</repodir>
  1. is preprocessed to:
  <binary>http://LOCALMACHINE:36071 bullseye main contrib</binary>
  <source>http://LOCALMACHINE:36071 bullseye main contrib</source>
  <binary>http://LOCALMACHINE:33187 buster main</binary>
  <source>http://LOCALMACHINE:33187 buster main</source>
    CONTENT OF KEYRING FILE "PATH2/relative-path.asc"
  1. with randomly chosen TCP port 36071 serving PATH1 and port 33187 serving PATH2.


Part of the elbe1 suite