elbe-updated - Elbe update daemon.


elbe updated \
        [ --directory <update_dir> ] \
        [ --host <host> ] \
        [ --nosign ] \
        [ --port <port> ] \
        [ --usb ]


elbe updated is the Elbe update daemon, which runs on the target system. It watches a directory for incoming update packages (which have been created with elbe-gen_update1 in the build VM) and applies them to the system. By default, only signed update packages are allowed. To sign an update package, please use elbe-sign1. It is also possible to monitor the USB bus and to install updates located on an USB drive.

elbe updated also has a built in SOAP interface which can be used to monitor the status of the update daemon and to initiate downgrades.

This command has to be run as root on the target system. Please note that elbe updated is usually started by the init script of its package, so in most cases there should be no need to start it by invoking this command directly.


--directory <update_dir>
 Monitor the given directory for incoming update packages. Default is: /var/cache/elbe/updates
--host <host> Bind address for the SOAP interface. Default is to bind to all network interfaces.
--nosign Accept update packages without signatures.
--port <port> Port for the SOAP interface. Default is 8088.
--usb Enable the USB monitor. This option requires pyudev module and an automount system for the usb drives (e.g. usbmount).


  • Start the update daemon, watch /updates for updates and accept update packages without a signature.

    # elbe updated --directory /updates --nosign


Part of the elbe1 suite