elbe-buildchroot - Build a root filesystem.


elbe buildchroot [ OPTIONS ] <xmlfile>
The XML describing the Elbe project.


elbe buildchroot builds a root filesystem using the settings specified in the given XML file. This command has to be run as root inside the Elbe build VM.

By default, also an ISO image for a binary CD-ROM will be generated, which will contain all packages installed into the root filesystem. It can also be used as an installation source. For details, please refer to elbe-mkcdrom1. Optionally, a source CD-ROM image can be generated, too.


-t, --target <targetdir>
 Target directory for the build. The directory must not exist before calling this command. Defaults to ./build
-o, --output <logfile>
 Name of the file to write the build report to. If not specified, the report is written to stdout.
-n, --name <projectname>
 Override the name of the project (used in the build report),
--build-bin Build Debian binary cdrom. All binaries used are built onto the cdrom. And this iso image can later be used to reproduce the images.
 Build a Debian source CD-ROM image, containing the source packages used by the project.
--debug Enables a few features that allow for better debugging of the build process.
--buildtype <buildtype>
 Override the build type specified in the XML file. (Not recommended)

–cdrom-size <N> ISO Cdrom size, after which a new volume is generated.

 Skip the validation of the XML file. (Not recommended)
 Skip debootstrap.
--skip-pkglist Ignore changes to the pkglist, and don’t rebuild the buildimage. (Not recommended)
--skip-cdrom Obsolete option, from the time, before –build-bin and –build-sources existed.


  • Build a root filesystem from myarm.xml in /root/myarm. Log to myarm.txt. Do not build any ISO-Images.

    # elbe buildchroot --output myarm.txt --target /root/myarm myarm.xml
  • Build a root filesystem from myarm.xml in /root/myarm. Log to myarm.txt. Also build source and binary ISO-Images.

    # elbe buildchroot --output myarm.txt --target /root/myarm \
            --build-sources --build-bin myarm.xml


Part of the elbe1 suite