elbe-fetch_initvm_pkgs - Download initvm binary and source Packages


elbe fetch_initvm_pkgs [--binrepo <dir> ] \
        [--srcrepo <dir>] \
        [--skip-validation] \
        [--cdrom-mount-path <path>] \
        [--cdrom-device <dev>] \
        [--apt-archive <dir>] \
        [--src-archive <dir>] \
        [--skip-build-source] \
        [--skip-build-bin] \


elbe fetch_initvm_pkgs downloads source and binary packages of software installed into the initvm. These packages are installed into debian repositories.

Later on in the target build process, these Repositories are used to generate the initvm related repositories.

This command is used by elbe internally during the creation of the initvm. It is currently not supposed to be called by users.


--binrepo <dir>
 directory where the bin repo should reside
--srcrepo <dir>
 directory where the src repo should reside
 Skip xml schema validation
--cdrom-mount-path <path>
 path where cdrom is mounted
--cdrom-device <device>
 cdrom device, in case it has to be mounted
--apt-archive <dir>
 path where binary packages are downloaded to.
--src-archive <dir>
 path where src packages are downloaded to.
 skip downloading Source Packages
 skip downloading binary packages
the XML file to use.


Part of the elbe1 suite