elbe 15.0 (2024-07-08)


  • A preview of a cylonedx-sbom generator is provided, which generates Software Bill of Materials from ELBE builds.

  • A log of the initvm installation is kept to help analyzing issues. Shell-control characters are not printed anymore.

  • A new package elbevalidate is provided to validate the contents of created images. It is used in the testsuite of elbe itself, too.

  • F2FS can be used.

  • Implement elbe initvm destroy.

  • Packages can now be pinned more flexibly. See release-archive, release-component, release-label, release-name, release-origin and release-version in the schema documentation.

  • The initvm can be created without libvirt, using only QEMU. Use elbe initvm create –qemu.

  • The initvm can now be built from HTTPS repositories.

  • The options –nested and –devel are now automatically detected and don’t need to be specified anymore.


  • (Nearly) all lintian errors about the Debian package have been fixed.

  • Internally many cleanups have been performed.

  • Make sure /var/cache/elbe exists for updated.

  • The existing unittests of ELBE where cleaned up and bit-rot issues are fixes.

  • The initvm can now also work with the default /home permissions on Debian bookworm.

  • /etc/resolv.conf from the initvm is not leaked anymore into the image. Finetuning can also modify /etc/resolv.conf properly.

Improved Documentation

  • The build of the documentation is simplified greatly. Only Sphinx is necessary now.

  • The website is now maintained as part of the ELBE source tree and built with Sphinx.

Deprecations and Removals

  • Drop $ELBE_MIRROR_SED support.

  • Drop elbe control shutdown_initvm. Use elbe initvm stop instead.

  • Drop install_elbe_version.

  • Drop non-functional $ELBE_PBUILDER_JOBS configuration variable.

  • Remove cherrypy dependency.