ELBE 14.3 (2022-06-03)

Debian packages for “ELBE 14.3” are available from Linutronix. This will be the last version that supports stretch (Python 3.5) on the host. Add something like this to your sources.list:

deb http://debian.linutronix.de/elbe buster main

Minor Improvements

These are the improvements to existing features:

  • Ubuntu jammy support via debootstrap and schema update

  • schema: remove url-list entries limit

  • documentation updates

Minor Bugfixes

This release features some bugfixes:

  • hdimg: remove Python 3.6 format string (stretch support was broken in 14.1 and 14.2)

  • efilesystem: close xml file after use

  • efilesystem: fix missing close if no fstab is generated

  • debian: python3-elbe-bin: add python3-parted dependency

  • schema: Drop stretch as valid initvm suite

  • esoap daemon: update package index before elbe installation

Bastian Germann on 2022-06-03