ELBE 14.2 (2022-03-14)

Debian packages for “ELBE 14.2” are available from Linutronix. Add something like this to your sources.list:

deb http://debian.linutronix.de/elbe buster main

Minor Improvements

These are the improvements to existing features:

  • Add zstd in-place packer and tar archiver

  • Use tar GNU-style options and auto compression mode

  • Add possibility to define squashfs package options

  • hdimg: Add support for partition names in GPT partitions

  • tests: Bump test xmls to bullseye

  • tests: Add 1 bookworm test xml

Minor Bugfixes

This release features some bugfixes:

  • Remove testdeb.sh

  • dbsfed.xsd: Add Debian bookworm release name

  • Update Debian codenames

  • Support sha256 sums in validation

Bastian Germann on 2022-03-14