ELBE 13.2 (2021-03-18)

Debian packages for “ELBE 13.2” are available from linutronix. Add something like this to your sources.list:

deb http://debian.linutronix.de/elbe buster main

Elbe test consolidation

elbe test is improved, with armhf and arm64 tests. subtests and error report collection works properly now.

SDK for amd64 does not crash anymore

Non-cross SDK’s did not work properly.

HD image generation

Partitions with binary contents and setting of arbitrary partition types is now supported. This allows Xilinx bootloaders for example.

Arm64 validate bug fixed

Validation of arm64 projects always failed. This is fixed and arm64 works fine now.

Source cdrom split

This elbe version now builds more than one Source CDROM. It builds:

  • src-cdrom-target.iso

  • src-cdrom-main.iso

  • src-cdrom-added.iso

This scheme might get some changes in the future. But the isolation of the target cdrom will remain.

Torben Hohn on 2021-03-18