elbe v2.0 (2017-08-09)

All features of elbe-1.x are still available. The XML format is compatible. Additional the following features are added:

The following new features can be used for targets:

The pbuilder is able to build binary debian packages from debian source packages for a certain project and host them in a debian repo:

  • more information about the pbuilder support are in the elbe-pbuilder man-page. There is also an example examples/armhf-ti-beaglebone-black.xml that shows howto trigger pbuilder jobs during image generation.

  • the packages build by pbuilder are hosted in a project local debian repo. There are elbe commands to e.g. copy the repo to the host pc. The commands are explained in the elbe-prjrepo. man page.

elbe debianize helps generating debian source packages for common source trees like the linux kernel:

  • elbe debianize currently supports packaging the linux kernel and the barebox bootloader. More infos can be found in the elbe-pbuilder man-page.

Other user visible changes are:

  • the progress of an image or pbuilder run is now displayed on the host pc

  • it is posible to blacklist packages that they are not added to the sysroot. More infos about this feature are in the commit message of the according git commit The schema reference describes the syntax.

  • we now generate an Index for multiple versions of elbe.

  • there are systemd service files for all elbe daemons

The Debian packages for elbe 2.x are available from linutronix. Add sth. like this to your sources.list:

deb http://debian.linutronix.de/elbe stretch main
deb-src http://debian.linutronix.de/elbe stretch main

The new development branch on github is devel/elbe-3.0. To retrieve Debian packages for the development version of elbe add sth. like this to your sources.list:

deb http://debian.linutronix.de/elbe-testing stretch main
deb-src http://debian.linutronix.de/elbe-testing stretch main

Manuel Traut on 2017-08-09