elbe v0.9.8 (2015-12-14)

The ‘big’ news in this release include:

  • an USB Monitor for updated

  • elbe chg_archive takes a directory OR a .tar.gz file as input

  • pbuilder support to rebuild debian packages

Howto use the pbuilder feature:

# build an initvm with the current elbe version 0.9.8
$ elbe initvm create
# retrieve the source of a debian package you'd like to rebuild
$ apt-get source nano
# go to the source directory
$ cd nano-2.4.2
# we currently only support debian source format git and native
$ echo "3.0 (native)" > debian/source/format
# if wanted, the source or debian/ files can be modified now
$ vi src/nano.c
# increase the package version
$ dch
# use any ELBE XML file to..
$ zcat /usr/share/doc/elbe-doc/examples/armhf-ti-beaglebone-black.xml.gz > /tmp/bbb.xml
# ..rebuild the package against
$ elbe pbuilder build --xmlfile /tmp/bbb.xml

Manuel Traut on 2015-12-14