elbe-buildsysroot - Build a sysroot archive.


elbe buildsysroot \
        [ --buildtype <type> ] \
        [ --skip-validation ] \


elbe buildsysroot builds a sysroot tar archive from the given build directory (built with elbe-buildchroot(1) before), containing the libraries and header files of the root filesystem. This can be used for cross-compiling. For example, if a Linaro 2014.02 toolchain is used, the archive can be unpacked into gcc-linaro-arm-linux-gnueabihf-*/arm-linux-gnueabihf/libc to set up a cross-toolchain for the given root filesystem.

The archive will be created as sysroot.tar.xz in the build directory.

This command has to be run as root inside the Elbe build VM.

Please note that the package symlinks has to be included in the package list of the project for this to work, as well as the relevant development packages. The XML file of the project also needs a triplet definition.


--buildtype <buildtype>

Override the build type specified in the XML file.


Skip the validation of the XML file. (Not recommended)


The build directory to generate the sysroot archive from.


  • Build a sysroot archive from the project located at /root/myarm

    # elbe buildsysroot /root/myarm


Part of the elbe(1) suite