elbe-pbuilder - High Level Interface to the ELBE Package Build System. Allows to create a package builder for a project and to build Debian packages.


elbe pbuilder build  [--project <project> | --xmlfile <xmlfile>]
elbe pbuilder create [--project <project> | --xmlfile <xmlfile>] [--writeproject <filename>]


Creates a pbuilder for a specified project and builds the Debian package like pbuilder, but for the configured ELBE project.

Currently only the source formats 3.0 (git) and 3.0 (native) are supported. 3.0 (quilt) requires Files in the parent directory, which are not uploaded, because only the curent Workdirectory is uploaded.


--project <dir>
 key (/var/cache/elbe/<uuid> for the project inside the initvm to use. Use elbe control list_projects to get a list of the available projects. Another option would be to use the –writeproject option, when the pbuilder is created.
--xmlfile <xmlfile>
 This file is used to create a new ELBE project including the pbuilder environment.


A pbuilder environment for the given project or xml File will be created.
Build the Debianized Project in the current working directory. (A valid ./debian directory needs to exist.) If –project was specified, the specified build environment will be used. If –xmlfile is specified a new build environment will be created for the given ELBE XML File and the Debianized Project in the current working directory will be build. The result of the package build is stored in ../ like pbuilder does.


  • Build a pbuilder for myarm.xml. Save project name into myarm.prj

    # elbe pbuilder create --xmlfile myarm.xml --writeproject myarm.prj
  • Use the pbuilder we have built, to build program, using the prj File generated in parent directory

    # cd program
    # elbe pbuilder build --project `cat ../myarm.prj`


elbe-control1 elbe-initvm1 pdebuild1


Part of the elbe1 suite